Monday, February 05, 2007

Birthday, Birthday, Birthday

My ankle is slowly getting back to normal. Its now perfectly fine in walking mode and driving mode but still aches a bit in running mode and rough terrain mode. So finally we went to Tagaytay to celebrate three birthdays: that of my wife, my father and my brother Miko. It's the best time of year to go to Tagaytay. The wind is strong and the temperature is coolest. We chose Filipino food so we went to Josephine's Restaurant and had Mutya ng Cavite soup, Sitsaro Guisado, Relleno Bangus, Tinadtad na Mangga, Calamares Fritos, Chopsuey, Lechon Kawali, Fried Chicken and Fried Tawilis. I enjoyed eating that small fish found only in Taal Lake when we went to Taal Vista Hotel last year.


The food was good as always and there was none left for pabalot. If there was room in my tummy, I would have tried the bibingka that they were preparing for everyone to see. Carbo for dessert hehe.

We stayed for a while in the view deck of Josephine's restaurant. At 2:00 PM, it was cooler outside than inside the reastaurant. The cool breeze sends slight chills as we enjoyed the view. One side of the view deck was being prepared for a wedding ceremony to be held later that day.

Hannah with lolo Poyen and lola Lorna.


We passed by Cliffhouse. It's bigger than how it looks from the outside. There was enough parking for around 25-30 vehicles.


The view of Taal Lake was spectacular.



The whole compound has floor tiles with patches of greens and stones that are well maintained. It is quiet, relaxing and gives you a feeling of exclusivity to take it slow and enjoy what Cliffhouse offers.



We would definitely come back here to have some pasta and grilled meat of Fire Lake Grill and Buon Giorno!, enjoy the crepes, sandwiches and coffee of Cafe Breton, and savor the Wagyu Burger and gelato of Massimo.

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pining said...

Wow, Lovely photos once again, Hermie! Belated happy birthday, lalo na kay misis :-)