Sunday, November 12, 2006

Miko the Teriyaki Boy, ECE

PRC announced that 1,631 out of 4,513 passed the Electronics and Communications Engineer Licensure Examination given by the Board of ECE last November 4 &5, 2006. My brother, Miko Unite, was one of those who passed. Yehey! Congrats Mik!

I only have two brothers. Miko was born 12 years after me then our youngest, Ian Jerome who is now in college, was born 4 years later.

As a treat for Miko, Lilia and I brought my brothers and parents to Teriyaki Boy in Festival Mall Alabang.

This was only the second time my mom and my brothers ate in a Japanese restaurant. The first time was a few years back in a hard core Japanese restaurant that had tables with short legs where you sit on tatami mats because there were no chairs, waitresses in kimono and where you can order true Japanese tasting okonomiyaki, katsu kare and nato. Teriyaki Boy is more of a pang-masa Japanese restaurant with selected Japanese dishes tuned to be liked by Filipinos just like Tokyo-Tokyo restaurant. My father worked in Mitsubishi Motors but already forgot his chopstick skills after retiring a more than decade ago.

Lola Lorna helping Hannah with our daughter's favorite miso soup while Lolo Poyen recalls how to use chopsticks.

I reminded them that it is not polite to stick chopsticks into the rice then let go of them leaving them in the rice to have a conversation. The correct way is to rest it horizontally on the rice bowl or in the chopstick rest if provided. I also warned them about a small Wasabi lump that looked like sweet mint green icing but actually tastes hot.


Teriyaki Boy's all-time favorite chicken teriyaki


Crunchy golden mushrooms wrapped in tasty bacon


Crunchy asparagus wrapped in tender juicy beef strips


Juicy shrimp tepanyaki


Yummy gyoza


Aside from ebi (shrimp) tempura we also had Lapu-Lapu tempura.


The last of the California maki. Miko wanted sushi so we ordered tamago (egg) sushi and California maki. I did not tell them that the orange granules in the California maki are ripe eggs of a flying fish. Now they know hehe. Anyway, the taste is not as strong as Salmon egg.

Here are some other chopsticks do's and don'ts:

  • It is not polite to rub chopstick together to remove rough edges. Just ask for a new one.
  • If the food is too big, it's ok to use the chopsticks like fork and knife to cut the food into smaller pieces.
  • Do not pass food from chopstick to chopstick.


Chris said...

This is a fantastic scoop. Plain mouth-watering.

Has there ever been a kaitensushi-ya yet in Manila or RP? I remember one time in Odawara, our Jap friends took me to one. Plates of sushi going round and round the bar on a conveyor belt. Excellent concept!

I found one in Pasadena two years ago and have been there at least five times! But I'm sure there should be lots of those in Little Tokyo.

Luisa said...

teriyaki boy foods is better that tokyo tokyo's