Thursday, October 12, 2006


My wife Lilia is from Iligan, the city of majestic water falls (around 20). The most famous of which is the 320-foot hight Maria Cristina Falls. Water comes from Lake Lanao whose only outlet to Iligan Bay is the Agus River that flows though Maria Cristina Falls and Linamon Falls. The Agus hydroelectric power plants along the river system is the primary source of power for the whole Mindanao region.

The big box is Maria Cristina Falls and the small box is Agus 6 hydroelectric power plant.

One time during a recent family visit to Iligan, we ate in the home of Hannah's cousins Corrine, Chester, Nico and El-el (kids of my wife's brother Nick). It was the first time I ate baboy sulop (wild boar) and it was delicious. I have no pic of it so let Pumbaa of Disney's Lion King show you how delicious he is. Oink! Oink!

The baboy sulop matched perfectly to another first for me, the suka Pinakurat. A great Filipino dip from Iligan City. It is produced by Greengold Gourmet by blending fermented coconut nectar (tuba), salt, special spices, hot chillies and sweet chillies.

I'm not that fond of hot dips but this is an exception. It smells good, tastes good and gives you a memorable bite while eating what you dipped in it. The bite lasts just enough for you to enjoy and swallow your food and then realize that you want another Pinakurat dip for your next mouthful. Pinakurat is roughly translated as "to startle" or "to surprise."

It comes in different bottle sizes. Only two bottles left at home... huhu.


Pinakurat before and after:

  • Left: the secret yummy ingredients settling at the bottom.
  • Right: Shaken, but not stirred.

Written sideways on the bottle's label: "Good things come in glass." I agree.

If you want to try it but don't have the time to visit Iligan, go to Market Market at The Fort. It is sold somewhere there. I hope you like it. Happy eating!


Anonymous said...

You may also find Pinakurat at the Sunday Market@ the LUNG Center. The Sunday Market is from 6am to 12 noon. If its your first visit to the Lung Center, look for a suitable parking space inside the hospital compound and then walk to the main entrance. Find our stall located on the first row to your right if you are walking from the main lobby. Look for the 9th tent in the dry goods section. I sell the three variants: Pinakurat (HOT), Pinakurat (HOT and Sweetened), Waykurat (Asim Lang). Thank you for this space.

Sunday Vendors@the Lung Center
Wilbert and Sharon 09178953202

Anonymous said...

puregold also sells pinakurat and its siblings, waykurat, and kurats. this is the best vinegar !!

Anonymous said...

They have that here in the state. I bought it in the Filipino store.