Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Food Picks in Iligan

Here are some food picks when you go to Iligan, Lanao del Norte, Mindanao. A big thanks to Nick and Chic for sharing these food finds.

Lechon Baka (roast beef) of Abetria

Abetria's Lechon Baka

You can choose to have it delivered to you roasted, sliced and ready to eat or have it roasted in your own backyard.

Lechon Baka 2

Baboy ramo (wild boar) of Hunters

Hunters Baboy Ramo

Papait of Hunters

Hunters Papait

Kilawing Kambing of Hunters

Hunters Kilawing kambing

Chinese Kinilaw of Lai Lai

Lai Lai Chinese Kinilaw

Birthday Pansit of Lai Lai

Lai Lai bday pansit

Beef Brisket of Patio Alejandra

Patio Alejandra beef brisket


Chris Tannery said...

Awesome yummy pictures. What's your light setup?

Hermie said...

Hi Chris. I don't use flash for my shots - just natural indoor/outdoor light. Hope you're doin' great there.

mc said...

Hi there,

I am writing a blog about Filipino foods and I was wondering if I could use your photo of the papait with your permission. You will be credited for the photo. Please let me know if it's okay. My email is deegah@yahoo.com. I'd greatly appreciate it.


Anonymous said...

how much is the lechon baka? how to order?

Hermie Unite said...

Around 2,500 to 3,000 for a leg of lechon baka. Once you order, they will bring the raw marinated leg then setup the charcoal roasting area in your area.

Anonymous said...

Do your now the ingredients of their Lechon