Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Iligan: Part 3 - Autonomous LECHON

I became witness to the making of an Autonomous Lechon Baboy (roasted pig) this Christmas holiday. If you're thinking that the pig roasts itself without the need for any human intervention, well you've watched too many cartoons and anime shows - you're pushing it. Unlike the common lechon in Luzon which tastes nothing without the sarsa ng lechon (lechon sauce) made from ground pork liver, starch, sugar, salt and spices, lechon in Mindanao and Cebu can be deliciously eaten as it is without any sarsa. The taste can stand out on its own and make everyone who eats the lechon gloriously happy with its taste - as it is. Thus the title Autonomous Lechon. Akala nyo kung ano na 'no?

I was first served this kind of lechon a few years back in Iligan. Not knowing anything about this lechon, I was waiting for lechon sauce to be served but I noticed that everyone already started eating. To my surprise, Lilia told me that no lechon sauce will be served. "WHAT!!! Eh di walang lasa?" As soon as my teeth broke the crisp lechon skin and as my teeth sank in the tender and juicy meat, flavors and aroma filled my mouth and I immediatly accepted that I was wrong and took another BIG bite of lechon. "This lechon is amazing!"

Now I know better. The flavor and taste is built-in the lechon itself, not depending on lechon sauce. How do they make lechon is this side of the Philippines? Well, they clean the pig's skin with boiling water until it is pinkish white, remove all the innards, split the pig's spinal cord by chopping it lengthwise, stick a big bamboo stick up the pigs pwet up to its mouth, then stuff the pig with lots of tanglad, salay, laurel leaves, onion, garlic, red pepper, green pepper, onion stalks, salt and vetsin, then roast it patiently until crisp and brown.





Now you have a lechon unlike any lechon in Luzon that needs no Mang Tomas or Andok's sarsa. It's perfect companion is Iligan's very own suka Pinakurat. This vinegar's fragrant, sour, tongue biting taste compliments perfectly the crispy lechon's juicy, aromatic, salty taste. This lechon has my loyal vote even if it ran in this year's election. I also love the now popular Lechon Manok ni Sr. Pedro which also originated from Mindanao.

Pagkalami gayud! Walay makalupig!


Vince said...

wow! sa kalami ana! Fat to burn after xmas and new year celebration, But i like that Pinakurat, talagang napapa-whew! ako kaniadtong nianha ko diha :D

Ey, Happy new year! first honor diay ko dir :) hehehe

pining said...

Hello Hermie! Happy New year and I hope you had a lovely Christmas! Like I said before, your phoyos never fail to amaze me. More, more!

eyna said...

I agree!! My sister-in-law is from mindanao. During their wedding, her mom sent two of those yummy lechon! d best!

L.A said...

wooooooooooow nkita ko din yung letson haha yehey ang sarap yata nun ah!

margie said...

yes its true masarap nga ang lechon sa mindanao kasing sarap ng lechon sa cebu. lalo na pag my sukang pinakurat. try nyo rin sa

dave said...

Tama ka. Sa lechon cebu hindi na kailangang lagyan pa ng sarsa or liver sauce or mang tomas dahil tasty na ang meat ng lechon. Maliban sa masarap napaka crunchy pa ng balat ng lechon. Wala talagang katulad ang lasa sa lechon cebu.

sweetgensan said...

Masarap talaga ang lechon sa cebu. Iba ang lasa nya compare to the other lechon seller. Napakasarap talaga. Sa lechon cebu ko lang natikman ang pinakamasarap na lechon dito sa pilipinas.. Nothing beat the taste of lechon cebu.


Margarette said...

Wow lechon! Yummmmy.

Lechon cebu is really the best. The tender juicy meat and crunchy skin was yummmy. The taste was good. It is deliciously.

Iris of UP Los BaƱos said...

Lechoncebu is one of the best tasting lechon that I’ve ever tasted. It requires no sauce in order for it to taste good for the pork is already full of flavors They are also approachable in dealing with us.