Wednesday, December 31, 2008

NAIA Terminal 3

Finally had a chance to take a flight using NAIA Terminal 3 (Ninoy Aquino International Airport Terminal 3). Cebu Pacific started using NAIA Terminal 3 a week after we flew to Davao last July 26 so we missed the chance to see it early on its opening but lucky enough since most of the flights when NAIA Terminal 3 opened experienced the pains of awakening an airport that was asleep for a very long time (let me call it the "bagong gising syndrome"). But now after months of operations, it is becoming a well oiled and fully awake airport.

In the old Domestic Airport, overnight parking is available for 50 pesos per night. It is good to know that there is also overnight parking available in NAIA Terminal 3. The price is also 50 pesos per night. And when the mutli-level parking opens next year, I hope there will be overnight parking slots there so cars can be protected from the sun, rain and ipot (bird droppings).

Just follow the signs.


Get your parking slip. Log in the overnight parking log book.


In the old Deomestic Airport they give these overnight parking coupons. But in Terminal 3 you will only be given the parking slip above.


Park your car.


Cross the street between the parking area and the airport building.


Take the escalator to the second floor departure area.


Check-in your baggage and pay the 200 pesos terminal fee.


The airport looks modern.



Has walkalators to make walking quicker.


Plenty of seats to wait for boarding.


Grab some food in Delifrance, Chaikofi, Jamaican Pattie Shop, Go Nuts Donuts, Cinnabon, Hen Lin and Art's Cream Gallery.


There are still a lot of vacant space for more shops in the future.