Sunday, August 10, 2008

Davao People's Park

Davao People's Park opened last December 2007. Setting aside the controversy, it really is a good park that the people of Davao and its visitors can enjoy. It's free for all, big, clean and green.

The facade is adorned with decors of Waling-Waling - the big and beautiful orchid that was once indigenous to the Philippines.


If the Land of Oz has the yellow brick road, the city of Davao has the rainbow brick road. Count the colors, they are all there. The Royal Mandaya Hotel is in the background.


If Singapore has a Durian dome (the Esplanade), so does Davao - a smaller, wire-mesh version inside the park.


Some works of Kublai Millan in Davao People's Park. He also has works displayed in Over View Nature and Culture Park and Davao International Airport.



This giant Eagle reminds me of the statue of a monkey-eating eagle that I used to see when I was a kid when we were along EDSA or South Superhighway going into Makati (let me call it Makati Eagle Rotonda).


Vendor's are not allowed in the park and littering is strictly prohibited so all you see are groups of friends, families, students and happy kids running around.



The park's 10 meter tall man made water falls was under maintenance so let me just share my pic of the park's stretch of wall with water gently running down to a self-contained pond. I love taking portrait shots of running water at twilight.


I hope they keep the park well maintained for generations to enjoy.


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Mitz said...

great pics you got here :) you really captured the wonderful sights of davao people's park.