Wednesday, July 30, 2008

All Cebu Pacific Flights in NAIA 3

Just took Cebu Pacific flights Manila to Cagayan de Oro (July 26) and Davao to Manila (July 29). Too bad we were not able to try the newly opened NAIA Terminal 3. Cebu Pacific started using NAIA 3 last July 22 for domestic flights from Manila to Boracay, Laoag, Naga, San Jose and Tuguegarao. When we arrived in Manila yesterday, the flight stewardess announced that all Cebu Pacific international and domestic flights will be in NAIA Terminal 3 from August 1. Sayang talaga.

When taking domestic flights, we leave the car in the open parking in front of Manila Domestic Airport for the whole duration of the trip - the longest was 10 days. So far it's been a safe parking space all these years we've been flying. It's also very convenient. After we arrive in Manila, I just pick up our baggage, leave it with my family in the arrival gate, cross the street, start the car, drive a few meters then pick them up in the arrival gate. The hardest part is crossing the street. It 's really a cheaper overnight parking alternative than Park n Fly.

Now I have to find an affordable and safe overnight parking alternative in NAIA Terminal 3.

Parking in front of Manila Domestic Airportt - 50 pesos per night; open parking with roving security guard and security guards on the entry and exit points, log of vehicles on overnight parking with cellphone number of the owner; just cross the street and you're already in Manila Domestic Airport. Need to hire a taxi to go to the international airport.


Park n Fly - 300++ pesos per night with 10% discount if parking there for more than 3 nights; covered multi-level parking; stickers placed on compartments and removable car items; free shuttle service to and from Domestic or International airports. Telephone number +632-852-1946.

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