Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Iligan: Part 1 - Flight and Lim Ket Kai

We spent our Christmas vacation in Iligan City, Lanao del Norte, the hometown of my wife. We booked the earliest Cebu Pacific flight bound for Cagayan de Oro on December 23 at 4:55 AM. The round trip air fare for two adults and a 4-year old child now costs to 30,000 pesos. We could have gotten cheaper rates if we picked an earlier date for the flight to Mindanao and a later date to fly back to Manila. We left home at 12:30 AM considering that we have to drive from our house to the airport, look for a vacant space for 10 days overnight parking, line up in the tighter airport security and the airport requirement to check-in two hours before our flight's departure. The drive to the airport was fast and finding a parking slot was a cinch compared to our last Mindanao trip. At 2:00 AM we were already lining up to enter the airport building. Airport security personnel asked everyone to remove their shoes for x-ray scanning.This is the prohibited items deposit box where confiscated items that may be used to contain chemicals to make a bomb are placed.


The plane departed 25 minutes late due to heavy congestion at the domestic airport. On previous flights Cebu Pacific served C2 Green Tea and a pack of Dewberry cookie sandwich but this time it was only C2 Green Tea.



At 6:00 AM the sun's golden rays were touching the tips of the clouds.


The plane flew 450 nautical miles in 1hr 15 minutes from Manila to Cagayan de Oro.



There waiting for us in the airport were Lilia's father Nick Sr., her brother Nick Jr. with his wife Chickoy and their kids Chester, Corrine, Nico and El-el. Lilia's brother Nonoy and his daughter Marielle was also there with Anjo and Ervin.
Hannah and her cousin Marielle.


Hannah's cousins Nico, Anjo, El-el, Ervin and Chester.



Nico, Corrine, Marielle, Chickoy, Hannah, me and Lilia.


After breakfast we went to Lim Ket Kai to do more Christmas shopping for gifts. We've witnessed Lim Ket Kai bloom to a big shiny mall like Glorietta in Makati in just five years. Just in time to compete with SM Cagayan de Oro which opened a few years back. The immediate vicinity around Lim Ket Kai also have many establishments to further appeal to the public. Kudos to the owner of Lim Ket Kai.



Nick took us to Gloria Maris Dimsun Kitchen for an excellent lunch. It is owned by the owner of Lim Ket Kai Center.



Tempting steamed fish fillet in special sauce


Suckling pig with tender meat and crisp skin


The Shanghai fried rice looks and tastes good. It is wrapped in scrambled egg, surrounded by a special sauce and topped with a piece of cherry.



Tasty spareribs


Juicy tenderloin tips


Yummy fried chicken


Yummy siomai


The waiter was gracious enough to let us eat Durian after our meal.



It was a great kickoff for our holiday in Iligan.




Amadeo said...


It is always heartening to read about my old hometown and see pics about it.

Was born and raised in Cagayan de Oro and used to travel to Iligan which is only about 90 kms. away.

With all the tempting attractions in the malls, many out-of-towners now travel to Cagayan de Oro to visit and shop, from as far away as Bukidnon.

Aside from KetKai and SM, the city also boasts of Gaisano, Ororama, and Robinson's which is attached to KetKai.

Jay Lagat said...


I left Cagayan de Oro 11 years ago and this post really made me missed my hometown more!


Would like to do a link exchange if you don't mind...


tina said...

Lim KK sure is improving. -_- Last time Ive been there was probably July06. Hehe.