Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Krispy Kreme is Here!

Finally, after almost 70 years, Krispy Kreme finally landed in our shores. Two stores will be opening before this year ends. One in The Fort and one in Megamall. My shakoy favorite now has a competition hehe.
Click here to visit their site. Yumyum. Thanks to Anton for the hot blog.

Krispy Kreme Philippines

The first Krispy Kreme customer in The Fort on November 30 will get a year supply of Krispy Kreme. The first 500 customers will get a T-shirt. Fall in line early. Bring your bed, lots of water and wear an adult diaper if you want to be first in line. They will open at 8:30am.

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Chris said...

Yet another tasty treat for the die-hard sweet tooth from the land of the obese... err... land of the free.

I miss Dunkin' Donuts!!!

Omni said...

You're all gonna get fat now, LOL!!

Jasmin said...

oooh, id like that!! nice place u got here.. visit me back at http://www.jammygrl08.blogspot.com

alvin said...

My friends and I can't wait for this...