Sunday, February 12, 2012

3rd PyroMusical Competition - South Korea & Malta

The 3rd Philippine International PyroMusical Competition kicked off it's first night yesterday in Mall of Asia. This year, there are 12 countries participating in the event. Joining the Philippines are South Korea, Malta, United Kingdom, Spain, Finland, Portugal, China, Netherlands, Australia, Canada and Italy. Each country is given 20 minutes to display their fireworks that are closely timed to songs they selected.

Held every Saturday from February 11 to March 17, this is a big crowd drawer for  Mall of Asia. So we did not bother bringing a car to MOA. We just took the 5-minute walk from Sea Residences to MOA then looked for a good deal in one of the restaurants facing Manila Bay where the fireworks barges are floating. In the previous years we were either standing in the bay walk or in the vacant lot (where One e-Com now stands) holding a bottle of water, a tripod, a camera and eating waffles or burgers while mostly standing up even though we brought portable stools. Fun but tiring. So our priority in watching the events this year is a relaxed al fresco dinner served to us on comfy table and chairs while we watch the fireworks.


We found a reasonable 250 pesos per person consumable offer and grabbed it immediately. It was an easy choice for us: a 300 pesos ticket to be near the bay without free food or a 250 pesos consumable fee in a proper restaurant. By 6:30pm we were already properly seated waiting for our food to be served.


In front of us are crowds eagerly waiting for the events to begin. Here are some of the pics I snapped.





These heart-shaped fireworks drew cheers from the spectators as well as the smiley face fireworks which I was not quick enough to take a photo of.


These looked like sparkling water cascading down waterfalls.



Official tickets range from 100 to 1500 pesos. Or you can find a restaurant facing Manila bay and eat dinner there while the fireworks light up the sky.