Sunday, January 14, 2007

2nd World Pyro Olympics

January 13, 2007 was the last day of the 2nd World Pyro Olympics at the Espalanade of Mall of Asia. We went there to watch the fireworks display of China and Philippines.

A week earlier when we watched Day 2 fireworks of USA and Spain, we forgot to bring our tripod so I was not able to capture decent fireworks photos. The North Wing restaurants of MOA fronting Manila Bay is the best spot to watch the fireworks if you're in MOA so we went to Highlander Steakhouse. It would be like hitting two birds with one stone - watching world class pyrotechniques in MOA's sweet spot and enjoying the food of Tagaytay Highlands' Highlander Steakhouse. The pricey food of the steakhouse would be justified by the excellent fireworks display. A great deal if you ask me. But our stone did not hit the two birds - the steakhouse was fully booked. So we ended up watching the fireworks display in the open parking fronting the Esplanade that was cramped with people .


Even the North Wing multi-level parking is full of fireworks spectators.


We still enjoyed the fireworks display. So the moral of the story was:
Fireworks, like most birds, fly high. So you can enjoy the World Pyro Olympics even without paying PhP 100 or PhP 1,000 or more. And of course, never forget your tripod.
End of flashback.

So on January 13, we parked in the wide open lot in front of SM Hypermarket. It was a few hundred meters away from the Esplanade but had a great view of where the fireworks would be. This time we have more than enough elbow room, we brought our tripod and we have plenty of snacks and drinks to enjoy between the show.

The parking area and the side of all roads were full of vehicles


But the cool breezy open lot was not too crowded. Actually, it was like one big picnic. Families sat on the grass, some brought tents, some brought tables, there were photographers standing on top of their vehicle where their SLR camera and tripod and there were portable boom boxes playing music.



We found our spot and waited for the fireworks to begin. China and our country, Philippines, did well. Here are some of the shots I took.
















Ten countries participated and United Kingdom won first place.

Going home was a long, exhausting and sleepy moment. It took us an hour to drive less than one kilometer from our parking spot to the big globe in front of MOA and another hour to reach Magallanes Interchange.


Participants to the 2nd World Pyro Olympics (Jan 5-13, 2007)
Esplanade, Mall of Asia, Pasay City, Philippines

Show FX Australia Pty. Ltd.
*** Winner: 1st World Pyro Olympics

Glorious Group

Nico L√ľnig Event

Astondoa Piroteknia

Bright Star Fireworks

Flash Art GmbH

Pyro Studios

United Kingdom
Westcoast Fireworks Ltd.
*** Winner: 2nd World Pyro Olympics

United States of America
Melrose Pyrotechnics, Inc.

La Mancha Pyro Productions, Inc.,


Gina said...

WHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOWOWWW! I love fireworks! Fantastic photos you got here!

tina said...

YAY! Fireworks are <3! haha So blessed you guys.. that it was held there.

Balong said...

ah, di kumukupas ang ganda ng fireworks, but do that during the day, usok lang makiita mo, pandagdag-sira sa ozone layer... how much more noong new year mismo? mangingitim pati kulangot, lol!

Jasmin said...

nice shots!! galing as in captured mo ung moment!parang i saw it live.hehehe what's ur cam?

Hermie said...

I used a simple point and shoot digital camera, Canon Powershot A700, and a tripod. 2 to 5 seconds shutter speed, 8.0 F-stop (or aperture), and ISO80.

rachel said...

wow i absolutely love the photos! (bloghopping..^_^)

ia said...

I truly envy your photos---I wish I took photos as well as you did...and had your spot at the Pyro Olympics. ;)

L.A said...

wooooow shit bay ganun? ang ganda ganda ng mga kuha mo? sobrang ganda ang linaw linaw nakakaaliw...

sayang hindi ako nakapunta dyan sa moa, ang lau ksi samin eh

Billycoy said...

i was also there.

magnificent shots, bravo!

orangepantss said...

Awesome shots. What camera do you use? ^^ Beautiful fireworks! :)

Aileen Apolo said...

Wow! The photos were so pretty!!! I wish I knew how to take photos that way! :)