Saturday, February 07, 2009

How to make turon and lumpia wrapper

I love turon - especially those with soft, ripe sliced banana, few strips of langka and crispy wrapper glazed with caramel. But just how are those thin turon wrappers made? How are lumpia or spring roll wrappers made? I thought these wrappers were made by roll pressing dough until it's super thin then baking it in an oven.


Well yes, they are made of dough, but they are not rolled thin to the desired thickness in microns. They just slam a chunk of slightly wet dough to a large hot plate so that when they lift the dough, a "dough print" (analogous to fingers making finger print) is left on the hot plate.


The thickness of the dough print is determined by how wet the dough is. This in turn determines how thick the wrapper would be.


In just a minute or two, your freshly made wrapper is done, ready to be the crispy outer cover of my favorite turon and lumpia.



ANTHONY said...

Interesting photos of lumpia wrappers. Can I ask where you took these photos? Thank you.

donjuan said...

Pretty interesting but I was wondering why the ingrients were not posted here also. what do we really need to make this? Heating it in a hot plate is only the finishing touches but the rest of tha process is not available here.