Friday, February 02, 2007

Big Ben, Sutukil, Innova Cycle

Here are more of what I saw when we went to Iligan.

If London has Big Ben telling them what time it is, Iligan has their own Big Ben telling them to eat there where the food is reasonably priced and delicious. Nhards and Celia brought me and my wife to this restaurant after shopping in Gaisano Mall and the nearby stalls selling the latest DVDs. Big Ben is a two storey air-conditioned restaurant located in the corner of Gen. Aguinaldo St. and S.T. Lluch St.



Pork belly


Pork barbeque


Chicken inasal


Chicken chicharon


Turones de langka. For 21 pesos you get three big crunchy rolls of turon stuffed with sweetened banana and langka then sprinkled with confectioner's sugar. Me and my sweet tooth love this very much. For me it can beat Jollibee's banana-langka pocket pie anytime in both price and taste.


If Luzon has tapsihan restaurants that specialize in tapsilog, tocilog and longsilog that now has spread all over the Philippines, Mindanao has "Sutukil." If said to somebody not from this region, it might be mis-interpreted imediately as "shoot-to-kill." Don't panic, it stands for a restaurant specializing on SUgba, TUla (tinola) and KILaw.
Galing di ba!!!


These are the Innova variants of the tricycle. True people carriers that seat more people than what we have here in CaLaBaRzon.

In Mukas port on our way to Misamis Occidental Aquamarine Park.




g0ma said...

your pics rules! so delicious!

tina said...

Wooooo yummmeeehhh!! Im suddenly hungrryy!!

Jay Lagat said...

Namiss ko sumakay ng motorela kuya!!!

Anonymous said...

hey,whats yummy in the Big Ben recipes or in there menu.i dnt know if it is clean when they cook. i eat 4 to 3 times there but im not satistisfied because the food they serve with me are not luking good.i forgot 2 take a video in it.the food i order are soo "lood" to see in person and i ddnt eat it,and they ddnt refund it.and also the personnel or the one who serve the food,the cashier are have no or what we have called "bugs".