Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Mocha Mint Coffee

Here's a new coffee variant from Universal Robina Corp. that I saw last weekend - Great Taste Mocha Mint Coffee.


The box says it's good hot or cold but for this coffee I want it hot. In one sachet you can have 180mL of hot coffee with a hint of chocolate and mint, mildly strong, unique aroma, then a cool mint sensation after your hot cup. Not bad for a 6-peso sachet that you can mix and prepare in a few minutes. To fully enjoy it, drink it like wine by letting it roll in your mouth for a while - hmmm cool.

A nice addition to widen your coffee stock variety at home.


1 comment:

Dhanggit said...

my sister is a certified coffee addict she will definitely get crazy over this one!! :-) we can use this to make muffins and cake i bet :-)