Friday, June 06, 2008

Improving Tagaytay Details in Google Earth

The Google Earth images of Tagaytay is improving. Now you can see in detail the area surrounding the highest point in Tagaytay where People's Park in the Sky (known previously as the Palace in the Sky) is located. This unfinished mansion was built by president Ferdinand Marcos for the visit of US president Ronald Reagan. The road with an excitingly very steep hairpin turn to Tagaytay Highlands can also be seen in the pic below.


Here's a bird's eye view inside Tagaytay Highlands with The Spa and Lodge, Highlands Steakhouse, Belle View, Highlands Golf Clubhouse and the log cabins.


I hope the rest of the Tagaytay ridge will have detailed pics soon as well as Binintiang Malaki and Taal Volcano.

Sunday, June 01, 2008

3rd World Pyro Olympics

The 3rd World Pyro Olympics was just concluded in the Esplanade of SM Mall of Asia. The last night of the event started out clear then slowly became cloudy. A very light drizzle started but quickly halted and the two fireworks presentation filled the breezy night sky without a drop of rain.


The Fellowship of Fire which was a sort of a United Nations pyrotechnic exhibition arranged and participated by the pyro technicians of all the countries participating was a good start for the night. It was followed by the Philippine team's exhibition of fireworks synchronized to a musical score.




Italy won this year's event.
Traffic going home was not as bad as last year.

For a peek of the 2nd World Pyro Olympics click here and see more pics as below.