Sunday, January 13, 2008

Wanted: Caramel Popcorn

The last time I saw microwaveable caramel popcorn in supermarkets I frequent in Laguna, Cavite and Alabang was a decade and a half ago. Now all I see are butter and cheese flavored popcorn. So when I saw carmel popcorn on a trip to Mexico, I brought home plenty of it and ask my daughter to help me make it.


Warm, crisp popcorn covered with sweet caramel that melts in you mouth. Yummmy!


It takes a few more steps to prepare it than the usual microwave popcorn that you just let pop in the microwave oven then dig in. Once the popping is done, you must remove the unpopped corn kernels then place the pack of caramel wafer on top of the popcorn then microwave it again to let the caramel wafer melt and coat all the popcorn.


Separating the unpopped kernels is important because once the caramel coats an unpopped kernel together with a popped one, eating this popcorn duo might break a weak tooth or two.


My caramel popcorn stock is getting low. Have to find a local store where I can replenish my stocks or head back to Mexico.


Rickavieves said...

woww, a caramel popcorn, gimme some :-) thats look so yummlicious!
btw, visiting u here just doing my round! Happy New Week!

Stiffler said...

Please post an update. I googled this and found your blog.

I too miss this product :(