Sunday, June 10, 2007

Intercon bfast, Taco, KFC, Guacamole

Still about Mexico. I like hotel room service because you get to have a nicely presented hot breakfast even when you're still in your pajamas.


Bacon, tomato, hash brown and eggs.


Toast and danish pastries coupled with Anchor butter and Dickinson's honey & jams.


A fruit plate of juicy papaya, watermelon, strawberry, kiwi, melon and pineapple.


There's a KFC restaurant near the hotel. This is the KFC 2-pc chicken meal. The taste of the chicken, gravy, mashed potato and coleslaw is the same but they don't serve rice. They give you tomato catsup and jalapeno sauce.


Another nearby restaurant offers various kinds of tacos. Here are three of them. It's a popular restaurant for the local folks but I find the taste a bit bland. Maybe because I was was expecting it to taste like sharwarma in the Philippines.


These are the sauces they give you for the taco. The green one is made of avocado.


Avocado is widely used in Mexico. Avocado slices were present in a tuna cheese melt sandwich I had.


Guacamole (an avocado-based relish) is served with meat dishes such as those shown below.




Billycoy said...

again, your pics are mouthwatering...

you can make a catalog of meals!

tina said...

waaa.. im hungrryyy !! i love room service too. saves me from going down the hotel room. but i like morning buffets better specially if its a continental buffet nyahaha