Sunday, June 10, 2007

Airline Food Adventure

We often hear people say bad things about airline food. If you ask me, they are just like any other food - some are so so and some are good. What's unique about airline food is how they compress everything to fit in the the food tray in front of you. Let me give you a peek of what airline food looks like.

Korean Air from Manila to South Korea. Vegetariean version of Bibimbap without rice and egg (sorry, no pic).

Korean Air from South Korea to Narita, Japan. Chicken, kimchi and pineapple.



Aero Mexico from Narita to Tijuana, Mexico (Dinner).


Pork with miso sauce, Tawara rice and black sesame seed accompanied by carrots and snap peas. Surimi salad with fresh lettuce. Green tea noodles with chives and wasabi. Toffee cake.


Aero Mexico from Narita to Tijuana, Mexico (Breakfast). Omelette served with tomato sauce, onion, red and green pepper and olives, with Lyonnaise potatoes and chicken sausage. Muffin, bread and fruit plate.


Aero Mexico from Tijuana to Guadalajara, Mexico. This is a short trip similar to Cebu Pacific from Luzon to Mindanao. But unlike Cebu Pacific where only flavored C2 green tea is served, Aero Mexico serves a full snack of ham and cheese cold sandwich, chocolate bar, potato chips and your choice of drink.


Aero Mexico from Guadalajara to Tijuana (Snack)


Japan Airlines from Narita to Manila (Lunch). What I like with Japan Airlines is the pack of nuts and crakers that they serve before the meal.




erasmusa said...

agree. airline food is said to be an oxymoron, but for some reason, i enjoy airline food most of the time :)

nina said...

Whoa, those actually look good! I haven't encountered any yucky tasting airline food yet.. then again, they hardly have any taste lol