Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Baguio in 3 days (Part 3)

My parents woke up early to have a hot cup of coffee and my brothers took an early morning bath to knock the cold away. We packed up our stuffs after breakfast and checked out of Assumption for our final pasyal point and the long drive home. We went out late in the morning but traffic was still heavy from Baguio to La Trinidad.


We just admired how houses were sticking out of the mountains with very steep stairs to go up and down. We wondered how they bring big appliances way up the steep stairs to where their live.


An hour before lunch we reached Benguet State University strawberry farm. We made this our last stop so we can take home strawberries and other vegetable produce and reach home while they are still fresh.


My mom was surprised on how a strawberry plant looked like. It was her first time to see it and she quipped "nakakita rin ako ng totoong strawberry na halaman. Ganyan lang pala yan."

IMG_3085  IMG_3101

We started our drive home right after buying some produce and eating strawberry ice cream, lumpia and strawberry pie. "Di masarap ang strawberry pie" sabi ni Ian.


And as promised, we headed back to S.O.U.L. Cafe for a relaxed lunch and for papa's papaitan. He said it was good and "ilokanong ilocano ang lasa."

 IMG_3170 IMG_3167 IMG_3164 IMG_3166 IMG_3172

The rest of us had our choice of steaks while Hannah of course had her all-time anytime anywhere favorite - cheese burger. Along the way home we bought tupig which is also a first time my parents and brothers. Good thing Lilia thought of stopping by one the kids selling tupig along the road.


Dinner was in Shell of Asia along NLEX, less than 20 Km away from Balintawak. We opted for Mang Inasal because about a month ago I discovered that papa and mama have not tried Mang Inasal yet.

It was a long drive home so we spent the night in papa and mama's house before heading home to our own house the next day.

3 days  -  789 kilometers  -  all good fun

thank you God

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