Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Baguio in 3 days (Part 2)

Our first night in Baguio was a big change from our nights at home. No need for air-con or electric fan in Baguio. The temperature dropped to 17 degrees C that summer night. And unlike home, no way to throttle the temp to a cozy 23 to 24 degrees C. It was a good experience for my parents and brothers as their first time.


Sunday began early with a 7:30 AM Holy Mass in Assumption. We came in early just as the others are coming in. It was followed by breakfast then LnP worship then Lunch.


Group pictures were taken before everyone went on separate ways for the rest of the weekend. Some already needed to go back home with an optional detour to Our Lady of Manaoag while some stayed to experience more of Baguio.


Mines View on a Sunday is crowded with people. Parking was along the streets only because no parking area is available.


There are a lot of pasalubong stalls all around including the classic wooden barrel man with the big surprise. There are also photo ops with horses that have pink manes or Saint Bernard dogs wearing shades.


For pasalubong and take home goodies we passed by Good Shepherd Convent that is located near Mines View Park. The price is a bit higher but aside from their good quality products, you get the good feeling that part of what you pay for goes to the education of the convent's scholars. You can see some of them in the upper left corner of the photo above. Their ube Jam is very smooth and creamy. You can make home-made ube hopia by spreading this on pan de sal. They don't have an ube jam version with chunky bits in it. Their peanut brittle really deserve the name "peanut brittle" because it easily breaks when bitten lightly - no stress or effort needed, just the joy in consuming caramelized finely ground peanuts. It is far better than some other peanut brittle that should be more appropriately named "peanut rocks". Lengua de Gato was out of stocks.


Merienda was next. We had it in Cafe by the Ruins which is very close to our next point of interest.

 2013-04-07-2370 2013-04-07-2367 2013-04-07-2369

A merienda of croissant, fancy turon, leche flan and Jose Rizal's favorite tsokolate-e.


Last stop for the day was a cool leisurely late afternoon stroll in Burnham Park. The man-made lake reminded me of the lake in NUVALI. But instead of boat riding, NUVALI lake have another purpose.


Some of the sunflowers were already starting to wilt so I guess late March is the best time to see all of them in full bloom. Sunflower bloom signal the start of summer. As the sun said goodbye, we headed back to Assumption for dinner.


Assumption make very good hototay soup and it made me return to get some more - twice. The dinner and hot soup was a good combo before settling in for the cold night.

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