Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Treveia NUVALI - the GPS Trace

I had to work last Sunday. It's a long drive so to put some spice into it, I decided to pass by Treveia NUVALI. There was no picture yet of Treveia in Google Earth and no roads drawn in Google Maps so I turned on the GPS of my Nokia device and started road tracing from SLEX Mamplasan exit to Treveia. When I got there, almost all roads of Phases 1 & 2 were already open. I took pictures of the lot we bought there then made a long and comprehensive road trace of Treveia by driving on all the roads and letting my phone record my track.

From the GPS trace log, I plotted the elevation from SLEX Mamplasan to Treveia. Good news is that Treveia is on a higher elevation compared to SLEX, Laguna Technopark, Solenad and Paseo de Santa Rosa.


I then uploaded the GPS trace in Openstreetmap and drew the roads in Treveia.


You can now view it Openstreetmap and Wikimapia. I also made a short drive around Solenad and drew the roads here.

I hope Google Earth is updated soon. They already updated Eton's South Lake Village and the islands are already visible. I hope NUVALI is next.

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Nathan said...

Cool work dude! Thanks for sharing! :-)