Saturday, January 15, 2011

7-11 Microwaveable Chicharon

I have this fondness for microwaveable foods. It's like cooking but without the hassle of food prep and washing of utensils afterwards. It's also amazing to see something cook right in front of you in just a few minutes. I saw this microwaveable chicharon in 7-11 and felt the urge to pop it in the microwave. It's also my excuse to eat some high cholesterol chicharon.


The uncooked chicharon felt and looked like those uncooked Besuto Prawn Crackers that you deep fry in oil - thin and hard like plastic flakes.


You place it in the microwave oven like what you do with microwaveable popcorn.


The instruction is to cook it for 3 minutes. I started doubting my chicharon when the bag started inflating but I heard no pop or sizzle. It's just the hum of the microwave as the carousel turn. I had the negative thought of those chicharon strips getting hot but staying thin as it is and only producing water vapor that inflated the bag. Sad. There goes my chance to eat chicharon.



I sadly opened the bag but to my surprise, it was full of yummy looking, fully popped chicharon that started to pop lightly as soon as I opened the bag and exposed it to cool air.


How did it taste? Good! The saltiness is just right and it was really crunchy. I just wish they have a version with laman (meat) in it.