Friday, June 11, 2010

In a Mango Orchard


A very good friend, Cynthia, invited us to visit their mango orchard.



It was a great getaway for us and our daughter experienced a lot of firsts there. So let me give this page to our daughter as another first - blogging.


We are encouraging her to write short essays of her experiences to help develop her writing skills. It also serves as time machine snapshots that she can read again when she gets older. Forgive the word construct and appreciate the thoughts of our 7-year old little lady. Presenting you (drumroll) her first blog:


The Thing that I like in The Farm


In the farm my mother told me to climb the tree but I said "I don't like I'm scared!" Daddy just carried me to the tree so I don't need to climb the tree. Daddy pretended that the tree was tall but it was only short. Daddy told me to stand on the tree. Daddy was holding me while I'm standing on the tree.


I was a little scared because the branch is still thin, that's why I'm scared when I'm standing on the branch. After that I decided to just swing on the branch. It was fun and the branch did not fall too.


Mommy said to go to the top of the tree and stand up and raise one leg. I was scared and I just raised my leg very low. Only up to 10 inches.


Mommy just told me to sit down on the top of the tree so I won't be scared now.


After that we sat on a chair that was made of wood to rest.


After rest we picked some mangoes on the tree.


We also took pictures with the mangoes too.


There are dogs with us to protect us from snakes.


Mommy also gave me a stick to pinch the other snakes by myself.


Even if it's just a stick I still like it. I always play with it. I pretend that it's a shovel. I use it everyday in the farm.


At night we had a bonfire, marshmallow and a stick.


We placed the marshmallows on the stick, place it in the bonfire and ate it. It was very yummy!



After we woke up, we saw a white crane and two baby goats, one is color black and the other is brown and white.


We went to a river. We also swam in the river. We took pictures too.


We also picked stones in the river. They were many and colorful.


One of the stones looked like a chocolate, its the very small stone that we found.


I also swam in the river. Mommy was just holding me with the towel because I was scared I might not float.


Some of them bring carpet to sit on. They also brought some food and tricycle.


The river is also clean, there are no garbage.


I saw kids diving in the river.