Sunday, June 14, 2009

Ballet Recital in SM Mall of Asia

When Hannah introduced herself on the stage during her Senior Casa Graduation in Montessori, she announced loudly and proudly to the audience that she wants to be a ballet dancer. It was a unique aspiration among tons of kids wanting to be doctors, nurses, lawyers, engineers, politicians and police men. It generated quite a positive stir in the audience that encouraged my wife and I to support her in her dreams. So we took her to a ballet studio to start training.


The first time she saw the practice going on, she whispered to her mom "Sana di na lang ballet dancer ang sinabi ko" (I should have not said that I want to be a ballet dancer). But those Barbie movies and the 12 Dancing Princess have such a huge influence that it did not take an hour for our daughter to change her mind and continue with her ballet lessons.


She took her lessons seriously and she never wanted to be late. She met a lot of new friends and every lesson was a fun experience for her.


After weeks of training, it was time for her first public performance. Where? In Center Stage theater of SM Mall of Asia.


It gave me a feeling of being back to when we watched Lea Salongga perform in Miss Saigon but this time with our little daughter on a similar stage. Performing in a real theater was a good experience for her - the final stage rehearsal minutes before the show, backstage makeup and chitchats, excitedly qeueing for their turn to perform on stage and performing in front of a fully packed theater. Hannah had absolutely no stage fright and she performed well.


Hannah with friends Shane and Louie.


Hannah with Jam-jam.



Seeing your daughter perform two ballet pieces on stage is quite a momentous event that makes you want to stand up and shout "That's my girl!"



Good job Hannah!


Video: SM Mall of Asia Recital

Encore In Robinsons Mall

After a few weeks, they had another full program, this time in Robinsons Mall.


She performed again two ballet pieces to a different set of audience free for all to see.



Here are some of the other performers.



Proud parents.


Video: Robinsons Mall Recital

Opening number - Waltz of the Flowers


Thanks to coach Jonathan Terry of Dance Factory for teaching Hannah. He was previously a principal dancer of Dance Theater Philippines and partnered with Anna Villadolid, Maryanne Santa Maria, Lisa Macuja to mention a few.

Dance Factory
Robinson's Place, Dasmarinas, Cavite