Sunday, May 10, 2009

What's at The End of The Rainbow?

What did Hannah enjoy doing this summer?
Aside from Ballet dancing, she enjoyed playing outdoors in the summer rain. I asked her to pull some small leaves and petals then drop them in the street gutter to pretend that they were boats on a white water rafting adventure. This simple game was enough to keep her jumping and running excitedly with a big smile in her face. When the rain stopped, she still wanted to play so she asked me to use the garden hose to make artificial rain. When I stopped after around ten minutes, she prayed and asked for the rain to come back.


The sun steadily shone brighter and the rain did not come back. But in return, my little girl was given a rainbow to look at.


One thing good about a rainy summer is that it gives you more opportunity to see rainbows.


And guess what was at the end of the rainbow that day? McDonald's and their tall golden arches. I'm loving it. Love ko 'to.


Dive and Trek Anilao

Before the sea got rough, before the first storm of 2009 hit the Philippines and gave people the feeling that summer was already over last April, we experienced Anilao.


Dive & Trek is one of the dive resorts there. For 1,100 PhP per head you can enjoy a whole day of snorkelling (day trip non-diving package). This already includes a round trip boat ride to the resort, buffet lunch, afternoon snack and free flowing drinks. Pay 50 pesos extra for the parking area in the main land. You will pass Ligpo Island on the boat ride which is surrounded by a deep reef. A good part of the reef is what divers call the Highway where many schools of fishes rush by.




Overnight non-diving package is 3,050 PhP per head. Intro dive package is 2,500 PhP.


This is us out of the water.


This is us underwater. Hmmm... mental note: someday buy a reasonably priced water proof, shock proof, freeze proof, dust proof, crush proof, pocket-sized compact camera with image stabilization, HD movie mode and ISO3200 or higher. The Olympus Stylus 1030SW is a good 2008 model that you can easily shove carelessly to any bag and bring along everywhere. I'll wait for the next generation. Even if they come out with a shock proof and water proof digital SLR it will still be out of the picture. It's just too big.

Lunch was good and there were plenty to choose from. Afternoon snack that day was turon.


The boat ride going home with Mount Maculot in the horizon.



Next year ulit!