Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Bye Intel Cavite

Intel Philippines was part of the first batch of Intel sites to be established outside the US. It's been in the Philippines for more than 35 years now. More than half of that time they were in Makati and around a 12 years ago, Intel Philippines planted its roots in General Trias Cavite.


A strong sense of corporate social responsibility, plenty of parking space and well equipped engineering cubicles is how I remember my visit there.


This year is when Intel Philippines closes its doors and turns off its lights in Cavite. Time to halt microprocessor production. Time for all of its Pinoy folks to share their exceptional skills elsewhere. Time to rest. Time to move on.


What else is there to say - Farewell.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Lechon Baka

How do you make Lechon Baka?


Start with getting a leg of a young calf, inject it with spices and seasoning, then roast it above charcoal.


Unlike Lechon Baboy (roast pig), cow's meat is denser and it is difficult to evenly cook a baby cow's leg inside and out. The outer part is already well roasted but the inner part of the leg is still red and raw.


So you slice off the perfectly roasted outer layer,


to let the layer beneath it have its turn to roast to a nice brown color.


Make smaller bite sized pieces and it's done. The way of cooking Lechon Baka reminds me of Shawarma where the beef is cooked the same way.


So how do you want yours - rare, medium rare,


well done or medium well?


The left over bone intentionally have some meat attached and can be used to make beef soup.