Saturday, November 22, 2008

Easy Parking in Mall of Asia

How do you easily find a vacant parking slot in Mall of Asia?


When we visited MOA last week, this question was answered with flying colors - red and green.


Each parking slot has a LED indicator that is green if it is empty and turns red as soon as a vehicle parks in it.


So how do you find an empty parking lot in Mall of Asia? Just look up, look for a green light in the pool of reds, then drive right in. Presto!
See how many empty parking slot you can find in the photo below.


Sunday, November 09, 2008

San Francisco and a Bag of Nuts

Last month my wife and I went on a business trip to the US. But we never saw each other there. Why? Because I went there two weeks earlier than her. One week after I returned to the Philippines, it was her turn.

This is me in San Francisco, California.


This is my wife in exactly the same veiw deck overlooking the Golden Gate Bridge - two weeks after I was there.


From this point you can fit the Golden Gate Bridge on your hand.


But come closer and you'll see just how big it is. This is a sample of the main cable that is almost a meter in diameter and contains 27,572 wires. This is Lilia with her cousin Riza who lives in SF.


I love nuts and on a neighborhood walk in Silicon Valley I found this bag of nuts.


The popular Ding Dong mixed nuts that me and my Mapua dorm mates used as "pulutan" back in college contained peanuts, green peas and cornik. But the mixed bag I saw there have almonds, walnuts, pepitas, pecans, pistachios plus cranberries. The combination is great and you'll munch away until there's none left. It's also a healthy mix. On a quick internet research you'll discover that you'll get antioxidants, vitamin E, omega 3, reduced cholesterol, kidney/gallbladder stone prevention, lower risk of heart disease, etc. Research on each of the ingredients and you'll see what I mean.


Everytime you pour some in you hand, the certainty of getting a different mix each time and the fact that different combinations result to subtle variations on how your next mouthfull will taste is kinda fun and exciting.

Here's another fun thing to do with this mix - exploring your EQ ability by forcing yourself to pause eating and let your artistic talent flow then create a work of art before you continue eating. Well, my wife did the following art works while I was on the side munching away her art supplies. She only managed to make two before I ate everything hehe.



I hope this kind of mixed nuts reach Manila. Maybe some of you guys out there know where I can buy this locally.