Thursday, August 14, 2008

Davao Crocodile Park, Paradise Island

Here's more of Davao.

Davao Crocodile Park is located inside Riverfront Corporate City. It opens from 8:00am daily. Nice time to be there is in the afternoon when they feed the crocs.


Justin with mom Helen. A baby croc in his hands and Crocs on his feet. I thought crocodile skin is hard and rough but actually it's not. Croc skin feels like expensive leather bag, belt or wallet - soft and smooth.


This snake's skin is not as good for wallets or belts.


The largest resident crocodile in Davao Crocodile Park is Pangil. I wonder if adult crocodile skin is just as good for wallets and belts. Hmmm.


This is what's left of Boktot, a 14-foot male crocodile that died in 2005 at the age of 45.


Ahoy there!


Close encounters. Booo!


Paradise Island Park and Beach Resort is located in Samal Island's closest point to Davao City where the Gulf of Davao spans less than 2 kilometers shore to shore. Samal Island is also where Pearl Farm is (further south of where Paradise Island is located).


A quick ten munite boat ride from Davao City and you are already in Paradise Island Beach Resort.


There are many small single-clawed crabs near the port going to Samal Island. Locally called "kalamangi". Puro kaliwete sila hehe.


The beaches in Samal Island have fine white sands.


Hannah as Big Foot.


Hannah as the little mermaid Dyesebel.



Even in Davao International Airport you can get a glimpse of Kublai Millan's work of art - The Durian.



Going back to Manila. Bye!


Visit Davao next week for the Kadayawan Festival!

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Davao People's Park

Davao People's Park opened last December 2007. Setting aside the controversy, it really is a good park that the people of Davao and its visitors can enjoy. It's free for all, big, clean and green.

The facade is adorned with decors of Waling-Waling - the big and beautiful orchid that was once indigenous to the Philippines.


If the Land of Oz has the yellow brick road, the city of Davao has the rainbow brick road. Count the colors, they are all there. The Royal Mandaya Hotel is in the background.


If Singapore has a Durian dome (the Esplanade), so does Davao - a smaller, wire-mesh version inside the park.


Some works of Kublai Millan in Davao People's Park. He also has works displayed in Over View Nature and Culture Park and Davao International Airport.



This giant Eagle reminds me of the statue of a monkey-eating eagle that I used to see when I was a kid when we were along EDSA or South Superhighway going into Makati (let me call it Makati Eagle Rotonda).


Vendor's are not allowed in the park and littering is strictly prohibited so all you see are groups of friends, families, students and happy kids running around.



The park's 10 meter tall man made water falls was under maintenance so let me just share my pic of the park's stretch of wall with water gently running down to a self-contained pond. I love taking portrait shots of running water at twilight.


I hope they keep the park well maintained for generations to enjoy.


Thursday, August 07, 2008

Over View Nature and Culture Park

Here are some pics on a quick stop we made in Over View Nature and Culture Park which I guess is located in Dalurong (please correct me if I am wrong, thanks).


It is 75 kilometers away from Davao city if a straight line is drawn between them by Superman, Voltes V or by an internet user like me with the help of Wikimapia GeoTools. The crosshair marks the spot where Over View is located.

Over View

There are a lot of sculptures there that I guess are by Davao local artist Rey Mudjahid "Kublai" Millan since the faces of the artworks there resemble those that are found in Davao People's Park and the giant Durian in Davao International Airport.


No wonder why this place is called Over View.


Our warm thanks and regards to Cesar and Helen for letting us experience a lot of Davao.


Thanks also for my first taste of the yummy fruit Marang.


It was a really quick stop because we have to catch the Bird Show in Malagos Garden Resort that would start at 10:30am.


The Kadayawan Festival of Davao will be held from August 17, 2008.
More about Davao in succeeding blogs.

Monday, August 04, 2008

Bird Show in Malagos Garden Resort

On our way to Davao from Cagayan de Oro, Cesar and Helen brought us to watch the Interactive Bird Show in Malagos Garden Resort - a 12 hectare park located in the Baguio District of Davao City that is less than an hour away from the city proper. The bird show has been a regular Sunday attraction here for almost six years now. Malagos Garden Resort is owned and developed by the Puentespina family of Davao.

Dr. Roberto "Bo" Puentespina talks about eagles. This eagle flew freely and gracefully from the back then landed on his arm without any restraint tied into it.


Dr. Bo showing the audience an owl.


A cockatoo riding a miniature scooter.


One of the two Parrots dunks its basketball in the ring. This parrot basketball game generated loud cheers from the audience as they cheered for the Parrot they want to win.


Philippine hawks, Lawin, showing how quickly and easily they grab food left for them by their trainer on a stainless platter.


After the show was a meet and greet with the cast of birds - eagles not included.



This miniature horse was also there to promote another show in Malagos Garden Resort called the Animal Encounter Show.


Ostrich Salpicao. This yummy and healthy meal is very tender and and tastes just like beef. Looks like beef too.


A Kalesa ride for a quick tour of the park.


One of the domes in the park - some for plants, some for birds, butterflies, etc.


Bignay berries that they themselves make into their very own Malagos Bignay Wine.


"Allow me to bloom" is the catch phrase of their Waling-waling Forest.


For 500 pesos you will plant a Waling-waling in a designated tree then tag it with your name. Your name will also be written on a name plate and placed in one of the registry pole above. I saw there the names of Noli de Castro, some foreign ambassadors, company presidents, governors, journalists, groups/associations and kind visitors of Malagos.

Waling waling

Unwind longer by staying in an air-conditioned cottage good for 4 to 10 persons (2,400 to 4,200 per room per night), stay in a dormitory type air conditioned room that can house 50 persons (350 per person per night) or rent tents and go on overnight camping (300 per person).


You can also enjoy their swimming pool, open air children's playground, billiards, table tennis, badminton, volleyball and join any of the educational modules and nature adventure packages there. They also accepts seminar and wedding events.

Park Entrance Fees:

Monday to Saturday
Adult = 100
Child = 80

Sunday with Bird Show (Bird show starts at 10:30am)
Adult = 125
Child = 100

Visit their website for more details or contact 0917-6252467.