Saturday, July 14, 2007

Say Cheese!

On the wedding of my officemate, Hannah had the best seat in the house. Even the official wedding photographers were all behind her.


Practicing her photography skills as she framed and took picture after picture of everybody around her.


Sitting side by side with official photographers who are carrying DVD video cameras and high end Canon digital SLR cameras with various lenses for dramatic depth of field. Meanwhile, my little girl carries a point and shoot 7 megapixel Canon digital camera.


Waiting for the right moment to take that one of a kind shot.


She can't go wrong with her posture for taking perfect shots.


A future photoblogger growing up.
That's my girl !!!


Abaniko said...

Maliit pa, nagsasanay na. Okay yan. Hehe. Wedding photographer na sya. I know of someone who collects at least P80,000 for a single wedding. And he has 150 weddings to shoot every year. Do the math. :)

tutubi said...

magaling na photographer yan someday :)

wedding industry is one of the most profitable...di nawawalan ng kliyente kahit ng overpriced photogrpahers :)

mitch said...

Sa tayo pa lang nya, may potentials na!

Ma. Cynthia said...

Hermie, Lils,

Bakit may belly dancer? Was it not a wholesome wedding? :-P

tina said...

wow ang cute naman.... hehe... parang true na true na photographer.. pero future magaling na photographer yan one day.. maganda yan kasi bata pa.. naglearn na..

Lucid Dreamer said...

ang galeng! tsk, tsk, pwede na pagkakitaan yang anak mo! hehehe~ kids should always be encourage to do what they like doing.