Sunday, March 11, 2007

Thai Wafer

We had our first try of this Thai treat they call Coconut Crispy Thai Wafer.



It is made of two thin and crispy wafers impregnated with sesame seeds that are held together by a layer of chocolate then coated with with another layer of chocolate on the top.


What's unique about it is the topping - pumpkin seed and dehydrated papaya, pineapple and coconut.


Tweleve packs gone in twelve munutes. We want more.



carlota said...

looks soooo yummmy...for sure! naubos in 12 mins & want more :-)

tina said...

yuuummmm unique ahhh

RT said...

This is why I don't visit your blog everyday. I would be one fat kano.

pining said...

I had one of those too. They're lovely :-)

brVince said...

hahaha!nagutom tuloy ako....

kuy, happy summer holidays! be back na rin ako after long vacation siguro, will be in mindanao after ng Bataan trip, muuli ba mo ug Iligan?

Thai news said...

It looks delicious!