Saturday, March 24, 2007

Hannah's First Recognition Day

Hannah attended her very first school recognition day. She just finished pre-casa level and we're very happy that she was given an award as the second top ranking student of her class. Yehey!

This is our daughter with her teacher Gemma.


The awardees of Montessori Pre-Casa class: Althea, Hannah and Joznic.


Proud mom


Proud dad


Hearing your daughter's name being called and seeing her walk with her mom on stage was really something.


Our daughter looking up to see what was given to her mom.



We went straight to Chowking where Hannah enjoyed her Chowking Chicharap dipped in Selecta Chuckie ice cream


while my wife and I had halo-halo, a lauriat meal and boneless bangus.


Congratulations Hannah!



Leah said...

Got here from the link in blog-choice awards. Nominated ka pala...congrats and congrats as well to your daughter. Well deserve I'm sure. I love her dress!

cha said...

congratz to your daughter,,

the jester-in-exile said...

from whose genes did hannah get the smarts from, eh hermie?

congratulations to the daughter and the proud parents!

tina said...

wow mother daughter tandem looks lovely .. hehe

congrats to your lil lady.. :P

Culture Shiok! said...

Congrats Hannah!

Congrats to Mommy & Daddy too!

brVince said...

great family indeed, ako di pwede magkaroon, hahaha! hmm, well, im happy, also happy seeing great families around :D

brVince said...

congratulations to the whole family :)

Ardel Jay Lagat said...

congrates po kuya hermie...

>ced said...

woot. kakainggit kahit papano. sarap siguro ng feeling. hehe. galing-galing naman nya pati ng parents. hehe. congrats, sir!