Monday, March 05, 2007

Hannah: Then and Now (2007)

Four and a half years... enough time for our little girl to turn into a little lady. A little lady who is already knowledgeable of the shapes of the continents, its inhabitants and animals, how to multiply numbers and how to create and and color auto shapes in MS Excel. Let me share with you some of her pics then and now.

Me, my wife and Hannah who is munching Oishi potato chips in our front garden. The inset picture is baby Hannah sucking on her pacifier.


My wife brought home this talking Elmo from an old trip to the US when she was still single. It's a good thing she kept it. Elmo became one of our daughter's buddies since the time she was born. Elmo played a big part in introducing Hannah to music. We have lots of Sesame Street and Elmo music videos that we show her almost daily when she was little.


Hannah spent most of her infant sleeping time on top of this pillow facing down. We noticed that she seemed more secure in this sleeping position and she was not easily startled by sudden loud noises. Until now she still prefers sleeping this way - on the same pillow and pillow case where she slept on when she was an infant. Her favorite pillow was more than enough for her tiny body back then. I wonder how long she will treasure her beloved pillow.

White unan

This is another one of her sleeping style. Arms and legs wide open with the same checkered yellow, red, green pillow case near her.


Left: Our little girl learning how to crawl.
Right: Our little lady learning how to fly.


Mirror, mirror, who's the fairest of all...

Mirror mirror

Hannah was just starting to walk when the photo on the left was taken. She is now an expert rider of rechargeable motor bikes. She even knows how to use the forward and reverse button and steer in them correctly.


The adjacent pics below were taken on the same mall and with the same Timex stall in the background. Claudine Barretto and Piolo Pascual were the Timex models when Hannah turned 1 year old on the left pic. Now that she is four and a half years old, Piolo is still there but now paired with Angel Locsin as the new Timex female model (right pic).


Left: Baby Hannah looking nerdy in front of an IBM ThinkPad powered by an Intel Pentium III processor running Windows 2000. All she did back then was tap on the keyboards with her little hands.

Right: Hannah seriously working on an IBM ThinkPad powered by an Intel Centrino processor running Windows XP while wirelessly connected to the wi-fi router in our home. My wife brought home her work that night then connected remotely to work using the same wi-fi router where Hannah was connected to. Windows Vista has just been released by Microsoft. I wonder what the Windows version would be when Hannah grows up and what mobile computing technology she would be using by then. Hmmm....


Here are some of the masterpieces that Hannah created.

3 lil ducks

A red-head girl with yellow boots.


A boy, two ducks, a fish and a cute house.


Poshkelo was a name that Hannah invented on her own. This is her image of Poshkelo holding a ball on a sunny day.


We have a complete collection of all the Barbie movies. This is Barbie acting as Rapunzel in one of those movies.



tina said...

Haha how cutee!!! hehe

missP said...

wow... galeng how you managed to capture the same/similar poses that she did... she is indeed turning into a beautiful lady.

brVince said...

ah, kids... i always love to teach kids... i wish and pray for my kids at Asilo... and for the kid i knew at Roxas Blvd last night.... sana makakain ka na...

Luisa said...

wow naman ang nice siguro magkbaby..

Kaitlin said...

awwww... this entry's really cute. =)

pining said...

what a clever girl :-)
gorgeous, too!

L.A said...

Wow! Ang cute nya nakaka-tuwa naman ang laki na nya!!!!

am back na pla after the hiatus!

Micaela said...

ang cute naman :)

wornoutwoman said...

Its sad how fast they grow. Mine is now four years old, and I sit often and revisit those pics from when he was a baby!