Saturday, January 27, 2007

Blog Parteeh '07 - Excuse Letter


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Again, my apology to you all.

Sincerely yours,
Hermie Unite


Shari said...

Awww...Sayang naman po. I was looking forward to meeting everybody. But anyway, everyone's health and safety are more important than some shindig that can happen again, right? :)

Take care of yourself po, and hope you'll feel better soon. :D

Janette Toral said...

Get well soon Hermie. I hope you can join us during iBlog3 this April 13 and 14. :)

the jester-in-exile said...


kuha ka muna ng medical certificate sa clinic j/k

get well soon.

Hermie said...

Thank you gorgeous folks!

marhgil said...

oh, sayang naman. anyway, i'm sure, this won't be the last parteeh.

tina said...

Awww... sayang naman.. :( Anyway.. get well!! :)

sopas said...

pls visit my site, this is not a spam, just want to inform bloggers out there

Carlo said...

There will be more to come :) Hope you'll be able to attend next time.

Shari said...

The party went great. Too bad you weren't there. :( But anyway, there's a next time daw! Hope you'd be able to attend next time, hehe :D

Hermie said...

Thanks guys!!!

Tess Termulo said...

Sayang I wasn't able to meet you at the party :-( Get well soon

L.A said...

Waaaaaah Kuya hermie...kala ko pa naman makikita na kita dun di sana ang dami ko sanang picture sa blog mo hahaha!

get well soon!