Tuesday, November 21, 2006

HICAP-HGA Christmas Party

**UPDATED** - now contains
  • The announcement (Nov. 21, 2006)
  • The party itself (Nov. 30, 2006)
HICAP-HGA will have their early Christmas party soon. It will be in the South Villas Clubhouse of South Forbes Golf City, Santa Rosa, Laguna. Just a stone throw away* from Laguna Technopark, Paseo de Santa Rosa, Ayala Westgrove Heights, Laguna Bel-Air, De La Salle University, St. Scholastica's College and Don Bosco.

South Villas clubhouse

South Villas pool

Food services will be handled by Joen Delfino of South Villas Cuisine (restaurant inside the South Villas clubhouse). You can contact her for restaurant reservations or catering services outside South Forbes Golf City at joenfoodservices@yahoo.com or +63-915-9805846.

Our very own Rivera Maya band might perform there at the party. Be ready with your cameras. Vicky will formulate cool games for the party.

The party starts from 6:30pm.
For HGA members only.

* A stone throw away if you are superman hehehe. But still a very short drive for humans like us :b


Party Day

On November 30, 2006 from 6:30 PM, HICAP-HGA held its early Christmas Party. Incidentally, it was the expected landfall of Super Typhoon Reming earlier that day. Pam, Vicky and I were worried what to do if it comes on time and be as strong or stronger than Milenyo. Waaah! We asked Joen Delfino, our caterer that instead of the originally planned al fresco dining, we will just have an indoor dining to be ready for Reming. When 6:00 PM came, there was still no rain and the wind is bearable. Reming was late. Yipeee! We went straight to South Forbes Villas Clubhouse to prepare a few more stuffs before the party starts at 6:30 PM.



The party started with a toast lead by Ernie Palomares.


Next came a game to raise everybody's spirit - Trip to Jerusalem. But this game has a twist. The ladies must grab the gentlemen's banana.

"Ang tagal naman tumigil ng kanta."


"Oy! Junjun, pa-touch"



"Dapat deadma lang..."


"Huli ka!"

"Ay! Wag po, wag po!"

Meanwhile, Avel covered his face. I wonder why. Is that a happy face or a sad face he's hiding?


Rhoxz became a blur when the time came to grab the banana. Excellent speed Rhoxz!


Ang huling saging.


Rhoxz and Dayday won the hot game.

Dinner was next. We had squash soup, beef with mushroom salpicado, chicken cordon bleu, fish fillet with garlic sauce, eggplant creole, pasta paradiso, turon ala mode, mango sago pandan, beer and free-flowing iced tea.



Special awards were given after dinner. The awards were based on the result of voting conducted a week before the party and based on official records from HR.


The awardees are:

Sandy Joson: Batang Bibo -The most makulit engineer of HGA.

Peter Lim: Promil Child - The multi-talented engineer of HGA.

Mark Edralin & Helen Grace Amil: Mr. & Ms. Friendship - touched the hearts of their peers in a way that built trust, cooperation and a lot of friendship votes in HGA.

Award 1

Devachan Oliveros & Christy Alarcon: Mr. & Ms. Crush ng Bayan - Engineers who can launch a thousand ships.

Precilito Dueñas: Early Bird - The engineer that has an undying commitment to always come to work ahead of everybody else.

Award 2

Joseph Camia & Rhea Diestro: OT King & Queen - Engineers with untiring dedication to work long hours and on weekends.

Roland Laresma & Elizabeth Balbin: Mr. & Ms. Perfect Attendance - Engineers with heroic feats of never ever failing to report to work against all odds.

Rhoxz Arceleta received the award for Beth as well as for the following:

Roel Hernandez: Leadership Award - For his role in promoting HGA improvements.

May Louvelle Lescano: Ms. OHSAS 18001 - For her commitment to safety on the job and dedication to helping maintain an accident free workplace.

Award 3

Melvin Dela Peña: Inventor of the Year - The engineer who submitted the most number of patent disclosures in 2006.

Certificate of Excellence was given to the following for their excellent participation and meaningful contribution to HGA in achieving its targets.

Mary Jane Frial

Mary June Caubat

Fernando Elizaga

Award 4

Alistair Barrieta

Michael Pesino

Hernan Jay Paguio

Award 5

Victorio Santos

Anthony Leander Diaz

Armando Valladores

Nonito Legaspi

Award 6a

Carlo Manuel Alborte

Queenie Lagadon

Loyalty award was given to the HICAP employees who stayed in HGA since its birth 12 years ago.

Hermie Unite II

Ernesto Palomares

Elizabeth Balbin

Rhoxz Arceleta

Award 7

Another game followed wherein participants will stick colored circles all over their body. After they attached the colored circles, they should find the same color on their team mate then make them touch each other.

If that's the rule, imagine what would happen to the blue circle of Carlo and Sandy.





The longest line



The awesome band of HGA.



Sugahara-san sang a few lines of his favorite song "Ulan" and Winnie jamming with the band.


And the fans went wild!


Here are the winners of the HGA Christmas Raffle:

  1. Electric fan - Petz
  2. Basket of groceries - Ted
  3. Basket of chocolates - Deva
  4. Rice cooker - Noni
  5. Rice cooker - Ely
  6. Tea set - Pal
  7. Oven toaster - Dimple
  8. Coffee maker - Romy
  9. Brand new 2006 Honda Civic - name withheld for security purposes :)

Siyempre meron ding exchange gifts.

Time for group shots!!!












Souvenir mugs were given out to all attendees.


Final shots before going home




Great party!!!



Carlota said...

wow what a cool place very nice. imbitado ako? hehehe.

Hermie said...

Yes, you can come. Tamang-tama, pag-uwi mo Thanksgiving na. Dala ka ng manok... este... turkey. Yumyum!

franco said...

wow astig ang saya ng party nyo!!!

Ryan said...

wow nice party! missed the days with HICAP specially with the HGA family... nakakainggit! kudos to sir hermie and mam pam for organizing the party. miss u all guys! im proud that i've been a member of HGA. regards to everybody!

Sexy Nomad said...

Hi Hermie! Looks like nag-enjoy kau lahat sa party nyo ah! I never enjoy our parties at GSIS anymore. Buti pa kayo jan.. Btw, what does HICAP-HFGA mean? :-)

Chris said...

Wow, what a fun event! Kakaingget!

I miss all the old faces.

Happy holidays to the HGA family!

june daga said...

ngayon ko lang ito nakita after 4 years. ang papayat pa natin!!!! hahahaha! kaka-miss ang hga. wala bang reunion party? ;-) share ko sa fb ko ito sir ha?