Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Mobile Blogging

11282006(005).jpg, originally uploaded by Hermie U.

Blogging inside a grocery store using my phone. Will this work? I hope so.


tina said...

it did work :) nice try

Hermie said...


eyna said...

ang galing! mobile blogging! gusto ko din matuto nun!

yum yum yum yum yummy snickers...

Hermie said...

Eyna, this is what I did.
1. Mobile blogging of Blogger uses US cellular phone carriers only so Pinoys with Pinoy cellular phone lines can't do it using this approach.
2. I activated the "Upload by E-mail" feature of my Flickr.com account.
3. Customized it to have posting rights to my Blogger account.
4. Took a photo of yummy chocolates in the grocery store.
5. Composed an e-mail in my cellphone - typed some text and inserted the picture as an attachment.
6. Sent the e-mail to the unique e-mail address assigned to my by Flickr.
7. The phone will then connect to the internet to send the e-mail (by 3G or GPRS).
8. Flickr received the e-mail and posted it to my Blogger account as a new post.
9. Lesson learned: The picture filename becomes the title of your new blog entry. So rename it to what you want yout blog title to be before attaching it to your e-mail.

chino said...

where are you exactly?.. hehehehe.. a lot of chocolates...I'm aalready envious

pining said...

What lovely photos you got! Katakam takam! Please, can I link u to my blogsite...?

pining said...

what lovely photos you got! katakamtakam.. pwede pa link..?

eyna said...

thank you, thank you for the info!!!

Take care always!!